Maie Slippers Story 

Maie Slippers story began when a mother named Maie made her daughter Anneli her first pair of bunny slippers when she was a little girl. This is a dedication to motherhood and to her.

All our slippers are handmade with love in Denmark, so you could enjoy your slippers for many years to come.

Maie Slippers are for all the small and big bunnies out there.

Available in all sizes. :)

Meet the team

Founder:  “I have always dreamed of creating something wonderful and long lasting to bring joy and share it with as many people as possible.” – Anneli

Art Director: “When I was little my grandmother always made cute slippers for me. Maie Slippers bring back the memories of watching cartoons and drinking warm cocoa with cozy slippers on at my grandmas place on a cold winter day”. -Aida